clinical crown

clinical crown

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  • clinical crown — n the part of a tooth that projects above the gums * * * corona clinica …   Medical dictionary

  • Crown lengthening — Intervention MeSH D016556 …   Wikipedia

  • Crown-to-root ratio — This X ray film reveals a poor crown to root ratio for tooth #21 (right), the lower left first premolar. The tooth exhibits 50% bone loss, adding roughly 5 7 mm to the clinical crown of what is actually anatomical root. The fulcrum, existing… …   Wikipedia

  • Crown (dentistry) — Intervention ICD 9 CM 23.41 MeSH …   Wikipedia

  • Clinical attachment loss — (CAL) is the predominant clinical manifestation and determinant of periodontal disease. Anatomy of the attachment Teeth are attached to the surrounding and supporting alveolar bone by periodontal ligament (PDL) fibers; these fibers run from the… …   Wikipedia

  • Crown — In dentistry, the portion of the tooth that is covered by enamel. Also a type of restoration that covers all or most of the natural tooth. * * * 1. Any structure, normal or pathologic, resembling or suggesting a c. or a wreath. 2. In dentistry,… …   Medical dictionary

  • jacket crown — n an artificial crown that is placed over the remains of a natural tooth * * * a porcelain or acrylic resin restoration of the clinical crown of a tooth that usually terminates under the gingiva …   Medical dictionary

  • full crown — full veneer crown a dental restoration that completely reproduces the clinical crown of a natural tooth. Called also complete c. and full veneer …   Medical dictionary

  • artificial crown — a restoration made of metal alone, metal with a veneer of porcelain or resin, or porcelain or resin alone that reproduces the entire surface anatomy of the clinical crown of a tooth; it may be attached to a prepared tooth stump, to one partially… …   Medical dictionary

  • physiological crown — the portion of a tooth that is exposed beyond the gingival crevice or the margin of the gum. It may involve all of the part of a tooth covered by enamel (dental c.; see corona dentis [TA]) or a portion of it (clinical crown; see corona clinica… …   Medical dictionary

  • anatomical crown — corona dentis. Anatomical and clinical crowns, demonstrating that the former are independent of the state of surrounding tissues while the latter depend on the height of the surrounding gingiva …   Medical dictionary

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